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Spring/Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning is something every household could use at least once per year. Most people call this their Spring Cleaning because it’s a great time of year to clean up from the winter and before the summer bugs,rain and dirt start to accumulate on the surfaces of your home.

Or you could be throwing a big party or getting ready for the holidays and you don’t want to have to do a deep clean while preparing for guests. Whatever your one-time cleaning needs are, hiring the pros at Charlotte Cleaning Services is the right move!

The cleaning done in our deep clean is expanded on the traditional weekly or monthly program. Here’s a list of some of the most common things we clean for our one-time/spring clean. Keep in mind that not all of these may apply to your situation, and in that case we can tailor a specific plan just for you!

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• Shower interior surfaces and doors scrubbed and sanitized

• Tile and grout scrubbed and sanitized

• Floors swept and mopped, rugs vacuumed or shaken

• Trash collected and trash cans sanitized

• Any countertop accessories dusted and wiped clean

• Toilets cleaned and sanitized, top to bottom, inside and out

• Vanity cabinet and sink cleaned and sanitized

• Mirrors cleaned to a shine

• Towels changed


• Oven cleaned and sanitized inside and out, including sides and back (if applicable)

• Refrigerator cleaned and sanitized inside and out (Remove contents/drawers)

• Microwave cleaned and sanitized inside and out

• Dishwasher cleaned inside and out

• Floors vacuumed and mopped including under appliances

• Wipe table and chairs

• Door frames, baseboard and trim cleaned

• General dusting of countertop appliances/accessories

• Countertops cleaned and sanitized

• Sinks cleaned and sanitized

Living and Bedrooms

• Beds made

• Trash cans emptied

• Table tops and lamps/shades dusted and wiped

• Floors vacuumed including under beds and in closets

• Mirrors cleaned to a shine Ceiling fan dusted and wiped

• Picture frames dusted

• Door frames,baseboard, and blinds dusted and wiped

• Nightstand accessories individually cleaned

• Air vents vacuumed

• Wood floors swept and dust mopped

• General straightening up