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Green Cleaning Service

When it comes to protecting you and your family from harmful chemicals and toxins, green cleaning is the way to go. Though there are many companies that claim to offer green cleaning, it’s nothing more than a selling point. Sure they might have a few natural products to clean your home with, but they won’t be able to provide much detail about those products. There’s more that goes into a green product than just a “natural” label and a recycled package. At Charlotte Cleaning Service, we strive to make sure our practices AND products are environmentally conscious.

Green cleaning is a necessity for many families that have someone with allergies, immune disorders and asthma. One of the many benefits to green cleaning is the cleaner air in your home with less toxins and allergens on surfaces and in the air.

Natural cleaning products have been used for many years and we know exactly how to use them to give you the safest, most effective house cleaning available.

We don’t use harmful petroleum products, or traditional cleaners with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. The ingredients in our products are plant based and completely natural.

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Custom Green Cleaning

Many families have children with special needs or certain sensitivities. We can make a custom green cleaning plan that fits the specific need of your family. Most green cleaning companies in Charlotte offer some form of green cleaning, but they can’t compare to our methods. We have done extensive research into the latest developments in green cleaning products and methods and have a green alternative to nearly every traditional chemical cleaner. From floor waxing to disinfecting kitchen and bathroom surfaces, there is a completely safe and non-toxic alternative that we use for each area of your home.

Call us today to discuss your special cleaning needs and we will make a personalized cleaning plan just for you and your family.

Green Cleaning Tips

Our non toxic products and services keep our house cleaners and customers free from exposure to the many harmful chemicals typically found in the cleaning cabinet. Here are some green cleaning tips to help you make informed decisions when it comes to green cleaning companies in Charlotte.

Some companies claim to be green, yet still use the typical chemicals because they claim there isn’t a natural alternative. That simply isn’t true. Some of the chemicals that are universally accepted as effective aren’t nearly as effective as they claim.

Bleach is a good example. Many green cleaning companies still use bleach, claiming that they “balance” the use of this deadly chemical by using green products elsewhere. There are alternatives to bleach, but in our opinion, if there is a place in your house that there is so much mold or mildew that bleach is necessary, the problem is bigger than the surface. Mold along bathroom floors and bathtubs needs to be removed, not covered up with the “clean” smell of bleach. Though bleach does get the color back, the mold is still there under the surface, and now you have doubled your exposure to harmful toxins. (The mold AND the bleach) We will not use bleach, but instead recommend replacing the caulk or grout where the mold is growing.

Disinfecting surfaces is another place where many people think there is only one way. Chemical sanitizers do much more harm than good, and the exposure to the toxic compounds on your hard surfaces is not worth the cost. Instead, there are completely natural products that are proven to remove and kill more bacteria and germs than traditional cleaners. Many essential oils have powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties that even the harshest chemicals can’t rival. We are committed to using the safest and most effective cleaners on the market today. The best part is that we can use these products as often as we clean because there are no harmful side effects.

Green Cleaning and Your Health

Did you know that the air inside your homes is two to five times more polluted than the air outside!

How can that be?

If you guessed that it is because of the harmful chemicals in household cleaners and chemicals, you would be right! In certain cases, the air quality inside the home can be as much as 100x more polluted than outside air. The improved energy efficiency of newer homes makes this problem even worse. The insulation of building materials including windows and doors, makes these harmful chemicals stick around inside your house for much longer that they used to. Opening a window or leaving the front door open so the breeze can come through the screen door is lost in many homes.

If the only thing you think about is the temperature of the air in your home, you likely aren’t aware of how bad the air quality may be. Most household cleaners have harmful chemicals like chlorine, phenol, ammonia and formaldehyde. These chemicals greatly increase the risk of developing allergies, asthma, birth defects, immune disorders and even attention disorders.

Choosing Charlotte Cleaning Service will reduce the amount of harsh chemicals floating through the air in your home. If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in this green cleaning method, give us a call today.

About our green cleaning services

Our cleaning methods include all natural products that your grandmother may have used, as well as some of the newest technology in the green cleaning industry. We use natural solutions like distilled vinegar, baking soda, borax and peroxide to clean many hard surfaces that typically require harsh chemicals. We never use disposable paper towels, but use recycled newspaper to clean glass surfaces. The used papers are then recycled.

We have a few different essential oil based cleaners that we use in place of harsh sanitizers and disinfectants. These products are greatly effective against viruses and bacteria, including the flu, strep, cold virus, strep, and many others. If you have the chance, Google essential oil antiviral for lots of scientific proof of the effectiveness.

We use special microfiber cloths that contain silver ions to trap and kill harmful bacteria and germs. These are positively charged silver ions that have powerful antibacterial properties, again these have been scientifically backed by lots of research.

These three categories of products make up the arsenal of cleaners we use in your home. Our vacuums are all HEPA filtered and the filters are cleaned every week to ensure the highest air quality when we vacuum your home. These filters capture larger dirt and dust particles as well as small pollen and dust mites.

We are committed to green cleaning, and we only use products we feel good about using in our own home. Our children’s health is becoming an epidemic problem, and with Charlotte Cleaning Services, we can do our small part to fight against these issues that come from exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins.